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“Thinking with Ink Workshop”

There is a calmness within a blank sheet a moment of inspiration hidden behind the silence of the page. Melanie Bayoud has been teaching people how to find this tranquillity and unleash their inner creativeness in her popular “Thinking with Ink” corporate workshops.

“Thinking with Ink” is so much more than your standard workshop. It is a combination of stress relief techniques, team-building exercises, and self-expression in an environment designed to relax and inspire. Melanie’s Malaysian themed monotoned artwork merges clean, detailed lines & repetitive patterns; a trait wonderfully reflected in her abstract art. Her designs are an amalgamation of structure and chaos, colliding in perfect harmony to produce bold striking work that instantly grabs the eye.

This workshop is designed as a journey to appreciate how our complex brains work, the effects stress has on our physiological health, and how this plays out in the office and home. Techniques to help utilize maximum brainpower, relaxation, bonding, and increase in team morale. Individuals’ blood pressure is recorded at the beginning and at the end of the workshop.

Thinking with ink online workshop

Thinking With Ink Testimonials

Expressive Canvas Workshop

Is an exceptionally messy & fun expressive 3-4 hour workshop. Come with old clothes and a willingness to use your whole body on a huge canvas to express challenges in a guided and supportive environment.

This is a rowdy and exhilarating team-building exercise. The area will be fully protected with plastic prior to the workshop and cleaned afterward.

  • Total body & mind stress release
  • Color psychology
  • Work with your colleagues in buddy pairs as the artist and then the support person
  • Creation of a take-home 1-meter x 1.5-meter canvas

Full protection of surfaces in the Hotel meeting room prior to the workshop. Dedicated clean and dirty area

Develop Trust, reliance, openness, and communication with colleagues. Nurture a feeling of togetherness

Incredible bonding through vulnerability and fun

Can be held inside or outside weather permitting

Group/Team canvas or Individual canvas

Free the mind and what follows can be uplifting

Photos from workshops in Janda Baik, Kuala Lumpur and France

Expressive Canvas Workshop Testimonials