Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Doodling Art has been Melanie’s hobby and “go-to” thing for as long as she can remember.  She was so convinced that this type of focused artwork had an impact on people’s overall well being she went on to study mindful art therapy in Australia.

Along with her artistic side, a career in nursing developed her expertise in Post Natal depression, eating disorders, Mother/ Baby bonding and emotional crisis care, her career spanned almost 30 years.

Moving to Asia in 2001 she opened her design and training company Embee Designs.  Melanie is the founder of the original “Thinking with Ink” workshops which have developed by combining her two passions; helping people deal with stress and drawing. The workshops have evolved and now include corporate, public, private expressive canvas workshops and mindful art retreats.

Expanding into the Hotel and Mural art scene, Melanie is comfortable drawing tiny artworks as well as huge pieces.

Melanie can show you around Kuala Lumpur as well as any local; especially the best spots for roti canai and a good foot massage. She is passionate about every project that comes her way.

Favourite drink : Ginger Tea